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Hi my artistic name is DMO’R which is actually the initials of my name Derek McLean O’Rourke so I thought it sounded cool. I was in the Royal Navy finishing as a Petty Officer Then jouned the Fire Service until my eyes gave up, but I always say it could be worse and there are people worse off than me.I am Registered Blind now and my eyes are deteriorating all the time.

I have a rare condition called Angeoid Streaks a form of blood leaking into my eyes.

 And to paint through a magnifying glass with a small brush. I have a reasonably clear spot in the top right hand corner of my right eye.I have to sort of push my eye up to look through the clear spot and it is difficult to keep it in this position for a long time, I would say it is like painting through a keyhole.I can only see my paintings from a few inches away through a magnifying glass and as it gets farther from my eyes it gets more blurred so I can‘t appreciate any of my paintings.So I have to ask other people what the paintings are like for instance I painted my dog and it had a leg missing.I started painting just over 18 months ago when I went to Blind Veterans UK in their Brighton in centre formerly St Dunstan’s, on an art course.Dave who we call the Doc is a fantastic teacher. From that day on I just wanted to keep on painting I find it very relaxing and takes my mind off all my other aches and pains mentally .and physically. If it was not for Blind Veterans UK I would still be sitting here twiddling my thumbs.


The Scottish War Blinded helping me to get around and looking after me at the Linburn Center Wilkieston Edinburg. 


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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